The Graduate School of Management (GSM) is a regional-based business school with an MBA program focusing on comprehensive knowledge of regional development to train business leaders, public professionals, and others to promote regional development.
The Kagawa University GSM was founded in 2004 as a “Professional Graduate School”, a new form of graduate school established in the reformation of the Japanese university system, which aims at educating individuals with more practical capabilities suitable to meeting the demands of a rapidly changing and highly competitive society and economy. It is the first business school in the Chugoku/Shikoku region of Japan.
  Many students from many types of organizations with various backgrounds in the private, public, and NPO sectors, and with backgrounds from different universities with various majors at the undergraduate level, study in the MBA program while working at companies and local governments. In consideration of these active adult graduate students, classes are often held on weekday evenings, Saturdays, and during summer vacations. The program features personalized small-group instruction; the GSM program is designed to combine the theoretical and practical realms in order to find clues to solve current issues in business and regional challenges. Interactive discussions using case materials in the classroom enable students to develop practical capabilities. The unique GSM curriculum provides students with not only the core courses in a standard business school such as management, marketing, and accounting, but also courses on public policy and regional science. The GSM faculty is composed of excellent research professors and experienced business professionals.
 Activities of the GSM attempting to expand the relation between university and regional community include: 1) public symposium, 2) the inclusion in the GSM advisory board of regional leaders and experts in the private and public sectors, 3) off-campus workshops for students and professors, and 4) excursions and fieldwork experiences on up-to-date regional topics. Through the MBA program and networking in the GSM, students can obtain the fundamental capabilities and resources necessary to find their way in the complex economic landscape of the 21st century.